How to Clean Everything - Hatel, Myth, Muscle And Etiquette

Hatel, Myth, Muscle And Etiquette Letra



Hatel, Myth, Muscle And Etiquette (Letra/Lyrics)

Mark your point of failing. it begins where you concede.
hesitate. procrastinate. sedating.
all configured to impede your path.
you need a good kick in the ass.
now take a step back and have a long hard look.
hold it to the light and read it like a book.
analyze the past and present to see what is to come.
now wrap your lips around the barrel of the gun.
mark my point of failing. it began where i gave in.
comfort. convenience. placating.
construed to suck me in, to their trap.
i need a good kick in the ass.
as time passed i realized we don't need rules to survive.
just common sense and means to subsist.
so from here on in i will resist.
i've finally realized. i've found my way at last.
it's finally evident.
we all need a kick in the ass.
the basis of change: educate! derived from discussion,
not hate, not myth, not muscle, not etiquette.
intellect, not "re-elect!".
status symbols yield to respect between sex, species, environment.

Datos de esta canción

HATEL, MYTH, MUSCLE AND ETIQUETTE es una canción de Propagandhi del año 1993, este tema está incluido dentro del disco How to Clean Everything.