Key Kool And Rhettmatic

Letra de la canción

I don't know why all these people be trippin with my head
So what's up with them head trips
All these flaky girls
So what's up with them head trips
So what's up with them head trips

We used to go out and that was cool
But now i'm saying "what's next!" like the leaders of the new school

It's not the fact that you weren't attractive
But i can't have none of the behind the back shit
And now you're just a fraction of my memory
Because your scandalous ass was sleeping with a friend of me
Who claimed he was down but he got caught see
The only way he was down was eating mosleys and broccoli
And now you admit i was somewhere broken
But when i hit you bout it now you say i gotta be joking
Your mentalities will never get you any places
Between the two of you, you got four faces
Your tasteless behavior blew your disguise
So i guess it was just a blessing in my eyes
You're better off working on sunset strip
So get to steppin with your head trips

Hook x 2:
I tore your memories into pieces and bits
So whats up with them head trips

Now i see you at shows and clubs,
And you'll be coming up to me and sayin, "hey key what's up?"
But i gotta say your shit's out of order
Jocking me harder than an athletic supporter
But when i don't pay your ass no attention
You start flirting with my boys on a mission of redemption
You got a problem with no cure
You should be singing "i would never lie" cause you're immature
But you're really doing me a favor when you flirt with my friends
Because my real friends would send your ass away and always be there in
The end
Unlike the so called friends who come and go like trends
The way your act shows and everybody knows
You try to get on every bro but all you are is a garden tool
Foolish actions but kool ain't havin it,
So find some other fool for your head trip antics

Hook x 2:
You're immature and now you're dealing with that shit
So whats up with them head trips

Head trips apply to punks as well
Who try to engulf it in the lies that they tell
I would have to be naive to believe
Any of the hypocracies that you conceive
Cause everyday you keep approaching me
Constantly flipping your mouth about what you can do for me
But it's plain to see that if you was really down
You wouldn't be talking so much s-h-i-t
Saying you could do that for me, you could do this for me
But in reality you'd never do shit for me
You're always bragging but ain't got no clout
Just a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth
Go get yourself some pepto bismal
With the b.s. you flow, your future looks dismal
You better put your lies on pause
Cause i got more belief in the existence of santa claus
I declare your credibility dead
There'll be no trippin cause i'm moving on ahead

Hook x 2:
You say you'll hook me up but you ain't done spic
So what's up with them head trips

Step off with them head trips
Step off with them head trips
So what's up with them head trips

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