Scott Clifton

Letra de la canción

I feel stupid
for letting go of everything
i feel angry
but more with me than you
i feel crazy
for thinking i was more than me
and i feel you now
i feel you now
feeling like i'm taken lightly
it's too bad no one notices i've grown
it's not enough to feel like we're alone

was i ever enough to believe in
why do you settle for counterfeit feeling
didn't you know, this is how we always went down
and don't be alarmed, it's textbook emotion
under the smile, i'm bleeding and broken
welcome to class
sit down and take notes
it's heartbreak 101...
i feel restless
a thought of you and i can't sit still
i feel desperate
and it's taking over me
i feel helpless
now that i know there's a weakness in me
and i feel you now
i feel you now...

feels like this is taking way to long
it's hard enough admitting i was wrong
the grass is always greener when it's gone
Something always made me nervous about leaving
pieces of fractured love in a picture of me and you
put your ear to my broken heart
try to listen hard, is it beating?
this is all i can bear, this is all i can bear, this is all i can bear...

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