Bleu Edmondson

Bridgette was a sweetheart
with greek letter around her neck on a chain
she wasn't really my type she was beautiful and i'm kind of lame
her mind was closed like a liquor store on a sunday
she's trying to make ex-boyfriend mad
it's kind of a rebound
but, that's ok
she married with a kid on the way
and i'm glad that i didn't stand in the way of a good thing

shelby was a stripper
and damned good mechanic and a friend
she used to pick me up in her ‘64
and take me places that id never been
she drank vodka on the rocks wit a tall glass
chased with cocaine and her teenage girlfriends
i couldn't faze her
that's ok
now she living wit a girl named renee
last i heard she was teaching in frisco
she's got a good thing

alice was s bartender
at a place that i used to play for awhile
some of the girls didn't like ‘er
she'd twenty dollar tips with a smile
i'd used to talk to her tried to get in her head
we'd just end up drunk in my bed
i never knew her
but that's ok
she's in vegas making 5 bills a day
she said that i wasn't too much fun when i'm sober
but now she's got a good thing
So there to the lady who name it hurts me to day
she the proverbial one that got away
she said that life's that all a young girl has
and i can't mine while i'm living you
but i don't blame her
that's ok
she's married a kid and a kid on the way
but i'm glad that i didn't stand in the way of good thing
yeah she's got a good thing, a good thing

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