Letra de la canción

Voodoo 16x

I through a peper in your salt your a$$ is caught
like a candle I'm about to do some $hit that you can't handle it's a
it's a mystery on making history
about the one's who talk the $hit to me
saying that it don't sound like it's a hit to me
I fuck you up
and where those nigg@s who you runing with
they stuck you up
them nigg@s ugly and they dirty
but they ain't tough enough
paper bullin lookin hard and $hit
I ain't go break the label off the switch
phoney bltch it be that suave click
hard mind motha f#ckin nigg@s
with them hard dlcks
booted chin pretty a$$ nigg@s don't start $hit
numerous amounts of voodoo
giving me unlimited ways to do you
i pursue you
break you in half within the movement of my hands
stop you dead in your action before you even have a chance
who be the mand? I'm the mand witch doctor
big ol fat juicy pu$sy bltch knocker
stopin your heart with one stroke of the pin
I shorted you in and dehydration never gain
your spaghetti is spike
you just my bite the dust
ain't no friend to be a remede to trust you out of luck

It be the hip hop voodoo
I got the power
to control your mind every minute every hour
you can't break free your a$$ is mind
strugle with the beats strangle with the rhymes

MJG is in your $hit go get a umberella
prepare for combat
you got to survive in all of the weather
so you don't won't that
a pimp nigga how do you figure I keep the buzz
I deliver $hit for the bltches a diamond doze
hell the sorcery movin a doin a proper ?
gotem marin like moroin and going a proper ??
you will adapt to the top of the ? of my empire
bushes of the greenery receive to get you hire
I bring to you
the real $hit
because things ain't allways what it seems to you
you feel this
them nigg@s will ride your nutz to be with you
and if it's
a situation he got to leave for you
he'll gank you
cause he just in it for the green for you
you need to
don't lend cheese to my fun raise
come out from
between trees if the sun raise
cause one day
you come face with the voodoo
you ain't true
it's gonna see right through you


subtract them bustas like in mathematics
I sta factics with shysters blown away
with automatics
how long will it be before society to get the picture
ain't no victory out here trying to be the
bigger figure
making valable plenty charge for a grave digger
is it a reason or do we know?
the sensors tell us part of the story to keep us slow
know I tell through the ? the gate is now and order
I thought I saw a camera and damage the tape recorder
castin spells like tells from the suave side
where that nigg@ been through hell he might as well
listen $hit straight you mind yours I mind mine
ain't no meanin me to be walkin the fine line
you get zapped from the powers from pipppin form deep within
so take it as a lesson you will never be weak again
if you ever want to get out of place
I make space
we routy mo f*ckas who ran the wrong race

(Chorus till song goes off)
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