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I hope you're happy
Out in glitter gulch
With your brand new friends
Who will shake you off like a dog
When they're bored with you

I'm not bitter, just a little sad,
To be taken in by a smile
That swallows everything in its path
Then spits it right back out again

Hollywood whispered your name
And called you a genius

Hope you're happy with your
Flame throwing tongue
That burns your face,
But pleases the crowd
As they gather round,
And pay to watch you burn

Hollywood, whispered your name
And called you a genius,
And you believed us

Show me something,
That you think is real
Show me something
That you still feel
Show me someone
You didn't leave behind
When you lost yourself
On the way to Hollywood

I hope you're happy
In this hole you've dug
Where the sun spins around
You and only you
Don't you get a little scared sometimes
That standing in all that light
Might show you for what you really are?

Hollywood, tell me who's going to save you?
I will not stand in line just to praise you
I will not stick around to watch you go down
One more lost genius

Hollywood one, me zero
Hollywood won, I lost
Hollywood won, I lost you
Hollywood won, Hollywood one,
Hollywood, Hollywood won, Hollywood won