My Silent Farewell

Letra de la canción

I’ve grown tired of the stupid games you play
i never thought i could ever feel this way
but now i sing this song about you
cus’ i don’t know
how to get it through
I hope that you hear
all the words i want to say to you
and maybe we can
get past this all someday
I turned a deaf ear to all of your cries
i think i’ve run out of tries
you never listen to anything i said
so now i’m giving up
and walking away…
You know
it shouldn’t be this way
can’t you remember anything you said?
what about the way you used to feel
was any of it real?
But for now
i’ll sit here all alone
smoke and drink my days away
and every song i hear reminds me of you
when all was said and done
you would be the one
to watch it all come tumbling down…
It all falls apart
torn at the seams
what’s nothing to you
was always something to me


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