Fall Of A Friend

Letra de la canción

Thought i'd be able to keep it inside
i thought it was something i'd be able to hide
but somehow you knew, you could tell by my eyes
please don't tell me you understand
i know you don't, or you wouldn't demand
these things of me that i can't control
i've never been good at letting my emotions show
leave me alone, just let me be
i don't want you here, why don't you see?
but somehow i know you see more than i do
how could you possibly feel what i've gone through?
i don't understand what you mean by, "i care"
it's never been said to me, i've never been there
it's hard for me to trust but i think i can try
please just don't ever make me cry
Do you really care?
do you really want to be there?
is there something between us two?
there's a weird feeling inside of me, it's something new..


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