Kool Moe Dee

I throw my tape on
And I watch ya
Three second later
I got ya shakin' your head
Dancin' instead of sittin'

The rhymes kick
The beats hittin' you
Just like a home run
Slammin' like a slam dunk

Riding the wave that James Brown gave funk
It happened to James like it happened to me
How you think I feel to see another MC
Gettin' paid usin' my rap style

And I'm playn' the background meanwhile
I ain't with that
You can forget that
You took my style

I'm takin' it back
I'm come back like, Return of the Jedi
Sucker MC's in the place that said I
Could only rock rhymes
Only rock crowds
But never rock records

How ya like me now
How ya like me now

Now brothers are riding me
Like a pony
I'm no phony
I'm the only real macaroni

Playin' the mic like it's supposed to be played
New jacks, you all shoulda stayed
Out of the business
What is this, amateur night at the Apollo?
Get off this stage, I'm in a rage
I'm like a lion that's been trapped in a cage

I'm the real king
Rap is a jungle
I never understood, how could one go
To a party, watch me, stand around and jock me
Become a rapper, then try to rock me

Scheming like a demon, you're screamin' and dreamin'
I'm from the old school, I used to see men
Dies for less, but I'm not living that way
I'll let my mic do the talkin'
And let the music play

How ya like me now
How ya like me now

Rap is an art
And I'm a Picasso
But of course
Why else would you try so

Hard to paint a picture, and try to get ya
Self in my shoes, but they won't fit ya
I'm bigger and better, forget about deffer
Every time I rocked the mic, I left a
Stain in your brain that will remain
Stuck in the back of your brain till you see me
Again, respect,

I come correct
The rhymes I select are nothing short of
Vernacular's pure and I can insure
Life of death with my breath, my voice is a cure

I heal life from the words I spread
I'll make a sick man rock on his death bed
Sucker MC's , I'll make your girl say \"ow\"
She's jockin'

How ya like me now
How ya like me now

It irked my nerve
When I heard
A sucker rapper that I know I'll serve
Run around town sayin' he is the best
Is that a test?
I'm not impressed
Get real, you're nothin' but a toy
Don't ya know I'll serve that boy
Just like a waiter
Hit 'em with a place of
These fresh rhymes and
Make sure that he
Pays the bill, and leave him standin' still
When he's had enough, hit him with a refill
And for dessert it won't be no ice cream
I'm just gonna splatter and shatter his pipe dream
Make him feel the wrath, beat him and laugh
Then when I finish them, I'm gonna ask him
Who's the bests, and if he don't say Moe Dee
I'll take my whip and make him call himself Toby
Put him on punishment just like a child, then ask

Whip him good, then I'll make him sweat
Talkin' about battles and never had a battle yet
But if we ever did
How could you beat me
You're so petrified
Even scared to meet me
My word's the law
That's why you don't beef
You're nothing but a punk, track star, and a thief
So I'm puttin' you on punishment
Just like a child
Never touch another mic

How ya like me now
How ya like me now

I could continue
There's more on the menu
But relax 'cause I'm so far in you
You had enough
I know you're overstuffed
If I keep going
You'll be throwin' up
Old rhymes, I used to say
Back in the day
When you used to me
To my parties and pay
Nobody's ever gonna rack me
This I vow
So all I want to say is

How ya like me now
How ya like me now
How ya like me now

Kool Moe Dee
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