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(Parody of "Summer Girls" by LFO)
Do you remember?
The first hummer?
Ahh yeah, baby baby!
New Kids On The Block
Suck a bunch of dick
Chinese girls make dad sick
And I think it's fly
When girls drop down
And give hummers, and give hummers.
We're out here looking
for that damn Blair Witch
If we find her we'll be rich
but first we'll make her give us hummers
give us hummers
Do you remember?
Your first orgasim
Body was twitching
Like a muscle spasm
Felt so good, you cannot explain
Sounded like a bitch in Purple Rain
A girl made you feel like no other could
A good chicks like milk, she does the body good
Hummers are good, in bed and in a car.
Happy Gilmore could hit a ballpark
If you're with a girl, you always need a backup
Incase you're slippin, the spare will pick the slackup
cream soda and nacho deritoes
Guys from Canada, always wear speedos
Always need a girl to hug and kiss
Big bird had a friend named Snuffle-upagus
When i met you i said my name was Reece
You looked like a chick that would gimme a piece.
I like hummers,
not the ones you see on the roads in the summer
nope i mean the others
you know the ones I be talking about
when chicks drop down and put my dick in their mouth
Like Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee
These girls suck like shows on the WB
I like tounge rings, but only if your hot
If you look like acid shin, don't try to touch my cock
And I'm cuban, like Tonny Montana
So I need a girl who can shallow whole bananas
And you better not have bucked teeth
I'd rather get head from the kid Buckwheat
You gotta be quick and you gotta go deep
Once I bust a nut I'll probably fall asleep
Don't let that keep you from doing your job
Just pretend you're really hungry and it's corn on the cob
Some girls work the head, and others deap throat
If the head sucks, just grab the remote
If the heads good you can't move like a statue
If the suck weak we'll whip water ballons at you
Some girls will offer, some will play tug-a-war
Some will do it on the couch, some on the floor
If they scrape their teeth, you know you gotta smack
Then you bust a nut up in her contact
If there's no head, you have ta throw a porn in
Only ashtet gets a nutten in the morning
Some girls will fall, some will spit in a baggy
We hate Scooby Doo but we always role with Shaggy
Hummers are good almost all the time
The only thing better is the 69
When i met you i said my name was Reece
You looked like a chick that would gimme a piece.
Yo, Hummer girls are fast, and hummer girls are slow
Some can suck dick, but some are so-so
Some will lick balls, but some don't care
Some will get angry when you shoot all in their hair
Some want you to do it to
But I gotta be really drunk to eat the poon
Hummer girls are the girl I kind of like
So get on all fours like you're name was Spike.
Hummer, Summer
Hummer, Summer

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