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A MILLION DAYS es una canción de Prince del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Musicology.


'A Million Days'

It's only been a hour since you left me
But it feels like a million days
If I had a magic wand I could turn back time
I'd never let you go away

I didn't have the heart to say I'm sorry
Now I haven't got a heart at all
I could tolerate the pain if I could talk to my best friend
But you won't even call

I'm contemplating pulling out my suitcase
And packing everything I own
I didn't back then but I do know now
Wherever you are is home
I'll crawl on my belly and beg you
But you're so far away
You've only been gone for an hour
But it seems like a million days

It's only been a hour since you left me
I wish I had somebody to blame
But you're the perfect picture of what love should look like
And I want to be you're frame
It's only been a hour but it feels like a million days

A million days
One hundred thousand million days
Come home, come home baby
I can't take this no more
Well, come home baby oh yeah
Baby, I know I shouldn't put my faith in heroes
But I can't see you any other way
It's only been a hour since you left me girl
Feels like a million, feels like a million days

Come home baby

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