Canción 'A Million Different Ways' del disco 'Three' interpretada por Sugababes

A Million Different Ways Letra y Canción


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A MILLION DIFFERENT WAYS es una canción de Sugababes del año 2003, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Three.


'A Million Different Ways'

Every time i go down your street
i pray we'll meet
i look around and nothing's changed
but all this time has separated us
press rewind and stop the tape
Let's play it from the start
and pause before we part
we're laying down again
so whatever you wanna do
and whatever you're gonna say
from the minute you find it
you know that there's a million different ways
to love me, to love you
And now we're face to face
we can't find words to communicate
we can't go on
hiding there's something wrong
press rewind and stop the tape
Replay it from the past
confusing what we had
can't try it out again
[repeat chorus]

nobody's ever come close to us
i thought that this time we might pull through
but the tape is distorting the tune
i can't hear