that's what you get tryin' to muscle me
that's what you get tryin' to hustle me
cuz i'm not afraid
i'm a player i don't get played
come runnin' that game and you might get sprayed
that's what you get tryin' to hustle me
Yeah i been trough a lot
but you don't know that
i can lose evrything
and bounce right back
from the punks an the thugs to the rats and snakes
from the shady ass girls to the frauds and the fakes
cross me and you're gonna suffer three-fold
you'll be diggin' ditches til your frickin' 50 years old
i tried to be cool try to cut you in
but you pull that crap so you lose i win
so what does it all mean...
And i can't understand why you still wanna race
everythin' you try to do is just blow up in your face
and i wonder of you get it
you should know by now
get out of the way or get run down with a plot
i know that you think you have to lie
i know that you wish that i would die
i know but its not happenin'
so what does it all mean
So let me break it down
speel it out for ya
you're drivin' by fear
i'll make it more clear
all of your murderers got me here
like van gogh cut off his ear
i'm the best new artist this year
pour gasoline on my brain
you're lame thanks for the fame


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