John Cougar Mellencamp

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I ain't ever satisfiedjohn mellancampi love the things that scare most folk to deathbut i ain't ever satisfiedi'll stay till the end or till i'm gasping for breathbut i ain't ever satisfiedno, i am never satisfiedi can pretty much come and go as i likebut i ain't ever satisfiedhey, with no bottom line its hard to know wrong from rightbut i ain't ever satisfiedi'll try anything once but then i do it to deathbut i ain't ever satisfiedi expect the worst but i hope for the bestbut i ain't ever satisfiedoh, i ain't ever satisfiedno, i am never satisfiedno, no, no, no, i am never satisfiedcan't get enough, no, of nothingi've got seven of everything and more in the tillbut i ain't ever satisfiedyou think this is dangerous stuffit ain't even a thrilli ain't ever satisfiedoh, i am neverno, i am neveri don't know why i ain't ever satisfiedfrom whenever we wanted cd coverfrom: "donna crull"
fuente: musica.com

John Cougar Mellencamp
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