Letra de la canción

I have enough,
i have enough for all;
come friend,
you must listen to me, please.
this is my trip...
a book in my hands,
and a little sweet talisman.
i can believe
in the creatures of this landscape,
without a lord and a clock,
just me and my life,
somebody to love,
to dream, and now...
Now, i'm dancing with an image,
and this room is not empty
like the mind of a crazy guy.
and no, there are no limits for that,
like an infernal dance,
i can feel a new breathing.
You have enough,
you have enough for all,
and you need a new drug,
a new end.
but if you want to live,
if you want to live and to understand,
take my hand, we can cry and laugh again...

fuente: musica.com

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