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Go pee-pee, i can't explain it
i told the kids to drain it
before we left the house they keep complainin'
"oh dad, i'm gonna pee!"
"where is the nearest mobil?"
"stop it now!"
well it's not that simple
(i gotta go pee-pee)
can't you hold it please?
(i gotta go pee-pee)
we're on the freeway, see?
(i gotta go pee-pee)
you kids are killing me!
(i gotta go pee-pee)
"stop the car, daddy!"
How many mothers out there
know just what i'm gettin' at?
you're in k-mart with the kids
tryin' to buy a kitchen set
the line is long, you're s.o.l.
if you get out of it
your kid is hoppin' 'round
you know what he's gettin' at
(i gotta go pee-pee)
i'm in line, you see?
(i gotta go pee-pee)
just bear with me!
(i gotta go pee-pee)
don't do this to me!
(i gotta go pee-pee)
"hurry up, mommy!"
But for grandma, go pee-pee
it's time to panic
movin' way too slow
so the boy becomes real frantic
he struggles with his zipper
while he does the pee-pee dance
oops! it's runnin' down his pants
(i gotta go pee-pee)
now you wait for me!
(i gotta go pee-pee)
i'm old, ya see?
(i gotta go pee-pee)
i'll be the death of me!
(i gotta go pee-pee)
"take me potty, please?!"
Have you ever tried to make it
through the movie with your kids and wife?
they're workin' on some popcorn
suckin' down a jumbo sprite
they look at them, they look at you
and you know right away
you miss the flick
because you know just what they're gonna say
(i gotta go pee-pee)
i wanna see the movie!
(i gotta go pee-pee)
i blew forty-two fifty!
(i gotta go pee-pee)
gyah! stop pushin' me!
(i gotta go pee-pee)
"dad, unzip me! dad, i'm thirsty!"
you just had somethin' to drink 15 minutes ago!
"dad, i need to go pee now!"
again!? awwww!!!!

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