Letra de la canción

nothing i say leaves this room
so don't leave cause you might miss what i want to say
for the first time much like most of last time when
you were born and i was made
out of two decades worth of whatever
and a half tank of gasoline
spilling in vain, bonding with concrete
asking your name, over and over
fatally dosing on nourishment means you had
too much already inside
if the standards go up then back down again
i'll be the first one in line
and you're bright eyes are giving me sunburns
and the grandstands are filling with headlines
you like me when i'm not being stubborn
but i like you most all the time
anchored by my need to know you outside of your window
in plain view of pigeons and bums
but you're so unpredictable when you've been
drinking all night again
mid-morning turns to late-evening in seconds
you're a sweetheart, i'm a sinner
it could never not work
you're the best part of your sweet heart
god i feel like a jerk
my blanket and bones finally found a new home in the
backdrop of lampshaded light
in the counterfeit culture i'll live like a
king for the rest of the night
if it seems like you're slipping in value
i can offer you some of the skyline
you like me when i'm not waiting for you
but i like you most all the time
fuente: musica.com

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