Skylar's Dream

Letra de la canción

Dear whomever it may concern
i'm lost in thinking that the search goes on.
my pen is moving swiftly now
but there's still a chance to speak the truth.

this morning i woke up to a suicide of diamonds
falling from the top of the skyline to the top of this high-rise
to the ground, or the pavement all around.

this morning i woke up with a souvenir of tear drops
falling from the top of the window to the edge of my pillow
oh the sound, of breaking down.

but maybe anger won't last for ever
words are letters
arranged to fool your heart

this evening i called you with intentions of malice
trying to get a message to you to tell you i'm sorry
but i'm not, but i hope that you are.

this evening i waited till the big hand hit three
trying to paint a picture for you using left over words
that don't, make any sense at all.

(teenage hearts turn bitter) x 6
you can tell yourself not to think
that love will endure
that love will find me
when the day turns into night
the air we breathe is still the same
the air we breathe is still the same

fuente: musica.com

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