Bonnie McKee

Letra de la canción

Smokey is my apple
and green are my eyes
silent as snowfall
i whisper goodbyes:
farewell to the child
that i used to be
i hold her, she's sobbing, "my baby"...
The wolf and the lion
have asked me to play
'though she told me not to
i went anyway
a pile of matches
the truth at my feet
i hold her, she's sobbing "my baby"...
The cream in my tea
spells out something to me
and they say that i’ll heal by the day
but the message i give
kills off all will to live
i'm afraid that i’m losing my way
Burning in heaven
my destiny lies
when she read my stars
she didn't mention that night
i loved you, my bambi
i don't want to leave
but, i hold her she's sobbing, "my baby"...
I hold her, she's sobbing
i hold her, she's sobbing
i hold her, she's sobbing "my baby"...

fuente: musica.com

Bonnie McKee
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