Axis Of Perdition

Letra de la canción

Obey me!
They sit alone on the edge of reason
maleficent in their glory
walking barren wastelands
the 13 desolate and cold
leering from the black abyss
ever tearing to their goal
a million screaming voices
vile ambitions surge tenfold
The stars are screaming loud
the blind idiot god stumbles
a mind giving way
gnashing worms from the other side of shadows
And in the centre of everything...
the swirling nuclear chaos
The children of the dead sun
the rejoicing damned
the 13 blessed helix
marching from myth to megalomania...
Elite surgical supremacy
shadow lords of the bio circuits
prophets of chaos
messiahs to the shaggai
dispensing erotic genocide
Progeny of nyarlathotep
The universe is crumbling to dust
the atoms themselves are coming apart
the weak flesh withers and dies
nail and tooth, token trophies
But through it all, a beacon of light
a homing signal at the end of infinity
a dulcet torch pierces mechanikanna's excrement
the single tri-lobed eye...
Piping daemonium flutes
the madness at the centre of everything
and it swells through the gate of nothingness
time itself has died

fuente: musica.com

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