Rickie Lee Jones

Letra de la canción

Summertime and everything is sweet
walking barefoot to the circle k
on the burning street
summertime and everything's on fire
this town is a drive-by for the
whole inland empire
But down on the boulevard
they take it very hard
But it's alright, it's ok
i was going to move out of here anyway
don't look at me, i've got nothing to say
countdown to ecstasy
They are very rich, those boys uptown
they got so much now they wanna
let it trickle down
La la la la la la
Summertime and everything is chill
cops and gangsters cruising
everybody's dressed to kill
Summertime and everything is cool
in the halfway house for sex offenders
by the school
They're laughing, they're dancing
they're calling everyone
Step right up, don't be shy
buy a second chance
you need a favor?
i got a guy
who can buy you a second chance...
But it's alright with me
if they lock you up
then i can be free
six of you
half a dozen of me
so count down...
alright, ok,
i was gonna move out of there anyway
don't look at me
i've got nothing to say
as you countdown to ecstasy
countdown to ecstasy

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Rickie Lee Jones
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