Always Blue

Letra de la canción

If i sacrificed myself, if i layed life on the line,if i searched for all begainings, would i find the ends of time. and if i prayed for my forgiveness,if i looked unto the sky,would i see that he's the answer, if my question's only (why,would jesus hold my dirty hands) and stand me on my feet,if heavens' not a question,whys the answer on my knees.
Ch: from a father to his son, said your the only one, although the son prayed father let this pass from me.and to a father from his son, before the battle's won , i pray forgiveness for the ones who could not see.
If lost is all alone,if he stepped down from his throne,if he gave you these 2 choices, coming home or carry on. and if you knew not what to say, if you had no time to pray,if you faced him and his glory , no chance to walk away,and if you found no place to hide, if your pain turns into pride,you'll get the answers to your questions on the other side.
Father it's done forgive the ones who set me free!
Chords are g/c/d

fuente: musica.com

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