Fight for the Rock - If I Go Away

If I Go Away Letra



If I Go Away (Letra/Lyrics)

Somewhere on that long empty road
We all stand lone
Searching for clues
From our different views

In the dark I call out your name
It echoes in vain
Over again
In an empty room

And if I go away
What would still remain of me
The ghost within your eyes
The whisper in your sighs
You see
And I'm always there

Staring down a long empty hall
Pictures on walls
All with your name
But it's not the same

Searching for a chord I can't hear
Been searching for years
It's somewhere inside
But it's well disguised


Datos de esta canción

IF I GO AWAY es una canción de Savatage del año 1986, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Fight for the Rock.