Letra de la canción

Stopped by to see you, just the other day
and i wanna say, that i finally realize
that without love dont mean a thing
its so hard for me to see that you meant everything to me
but i guess i gotta move on
even though it hurts i gotta be strong
if you dont wanna love me, dont love me, dont wanna touch me, dont touch me
cuz i dont want you to do anything that you dont wanna do
if you dont wanna miss me, dont miss me, dont wanna kiss me, dont kiss me
cause i dont want you to do anything that you dont wanna do
(verse 2)
who would have known, all the nights that you were hanging late
all alone i lay awake in my bed
though i never put food on your plate
i refuse to believe
that you never ever loved me
i got to move on, our love is gone
and this house is not a home
You can be lonely, i dont even care
but do you have to think that you'd always be there
say you'd be right there, so if you...
(chorus x 3)

fuente: musica.com

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