Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Letra de la canción

If you wanna get to heaven ozark mountain daredevils   #25 hit from 1974i never read it in a book i never saw it on a showbut i heard it in the alley on a wierd radioif you wanna drink a wateryou gotta get it from a wellif you wanna get to heavenyou gotta raise a little helli never felt it be so goodi never thought it'd be so finei got a little saying that that's been preying on my mindif you wanna hear a secretyou gotta promise not to tellif you wanna get to heavenyou gotta raise a little hell..(guitar solo!)(lyrics from memory only - this is what i recallit sounded like on the radio - there is probably a third verse)from: jgassman@bio.ri.ccf.org (jennifer gassman)

fuente: musica.com

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