Letra de la canción

you want it heavy
well now god damn
i wiegh a ton
you know that i am
a ton of fun
you know you want a piece of me

a piece of me - a piece of my
home is on the road i like to roll then i take it
home where the clay is red like my neck down in dixie
well i'm a talkin' to you now hey hey
my pockets are lined they are full of pay day
with every move i make you know the south is risin'
say you want it heavy now
hell yea! hell yea!


a piece of my freedom
first taste of freedom gets you high
then you crave more freedom
i got more attitude than your money can buy
now i'm talkin' to you now hey hey
are you ready to rumble i'm a may-lay
fuck all the rules i never call before i dig
when i come around my friends say "hey big"


i don't give a damn about your haircut
i don't give a damn about your "in" thang
i walk a mile in my own pair of boots
do you think i give a god damn what you think
hell no

(repeat chorus)

fuente: musica.com

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