Luke Mejares

Letra de la canción

I'm going away
i supposed things would be better this way
i gotta let you go once in for all
you taught me how to fly
now i've got to learn how to fall
I'm going insane,
i've realized that i've been waiting in vain
i've gotta to stand up for the things i believe
you taught me to love,
now i've gotta to learn how to leave
* i don't want to bring you back
with some more strategies
but to lose you would be
my life's biggest tragedy.
** (oh) i'm closing my door
but my windows are open
if you want to come in,
you can climb up & crawl in.
(oh) i'm closing my mind
but my heart is still open
if you want to be mine
its your turn to come back in
coz'; i cant just forget
all the pain that you let me endure
if you want to be mine
baby this time you better be sure
(better be sure, baby)
I'm out of the game
i tried to play it
so i'm partly to blame
i tried to win
but you kept changing the rules
and now i trust you more
all the men you've made into fools
(* & **)
Baby just this time
please leave me w/ my pride
if i give in now i've nothing left inside
if you don't back down
i will have no choice but to say goodbye
baby just this time
could you be the one to break down & cry
(* & **)
If you want to be mine, baby this time 2x
you better be sure

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