Canción 'Illusion / Delusion' del disco 'Escapexstacy' interpretada por Poisonblack

Illusion / Delusion Letra


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ILLUSION / DELUSION es una canción de Poisonblack del año 2003, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Escapexstacy.

Letra 'Illusion / Delusion'

And she cradles me down into sleep
still i miss her so and for more i weep
and she gives me death yet i'm alive
craving eternally, on her i thrive
We are one, we are the same
burning with brightest flame
I am the strange illusion, don't feel too real
a catatonic thing that should not be
you are the seewt delusion yet you feel so real
for all these wounds i have only you can heal
And she buries me down far too deep
yet six-feet high and gives me bliss to keep
and she abuses me yet i abide
she's in demand, my hunger i cannot hide