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'In The Store'

Yo yo yo yo, my man, yo
Yea, what can I help you with?
Hey c'mon man you gotta say you got me on dis one, look
What do ya need, what do ya need?
You got the new Nelly?
You got that in? The Nellyville, you got dat right?
What is that rap or something?
I think we jus sold out of it man.
Sold out!
C'mon bro dis the fourth, fifth, store I've been to today
They all sold out!
We're all sold out bro.
C'mon man you gotta help a brotha out, man
I'm in a (Hey man!) desperate sitiation herre playa!
I'd love to help you my brotha!
I got a nice lil sexy lil thing waitin on me at da crib
And all she want to hear is Nelly
I'm tryin' to get it through your smell.
I hear ya, (wha?) I hear ya, you gotta get the mood goin, ya know...?
Yea, that's what I'm tryin' to do Pimp juice!
Pimp Juice?
Look man, just let me
Can you download it for me, sumthin'?
Sorry man, we can't do that here, sorry!
Mp3? You can't?
No, we can't, we can't MP3, sorry!
Let me take one of your listenin' machines or sumthin'
And I'll bring it back to you tomorrow.
You fuckin' crazy? My boss would kill me man!
Look man, just check in the back, do whatever you gotta do
Hold on, let me see what I can do for ya bro. Let me see
Man this is the last one I got
Only one? Aight! Cool wait
It's the clean version, that's all I got, I found the clean version for ya!
It's the clean version?
Nelly, ya know the new one, Nellyville.
It said ain't no cussin' on it? Ain't none?
You want it?
That's all you got?
It's Hip-Hop!
Damn aight, aight give me that man
I just gotta make it happen right now, I just gotta
Alright, Alright so hurry up though man
We got people waitin' in line here, they've been waitin' for a long time.
Yea, go ahead and give it to me
Good luck dawg!

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