Inauguration Of Scorpio Dome


Letra de la canción

Mere emeles
Mere selem
I em'a den

So every man and woman is a star
But who is Scorpio by fire ring'd
Where fall means increase?

When on the throne of life he seats
The bloody sword of freedom sways
And light of hells in his eyes
And secret breath of love

As the first whore of the world
Banish'd god from body
Carnal divinity she restor'd
As infinite of nightsky
Augmn ov sothis
When tunnel of tuat means disorder
Past, future, painful
And from the eternal revolt we're born
To word can make flesh

A breeze- a leaf- a shadow the falling of a bud-
The wind across the meadow- a flesh of light-
A call- a patter on the wall-the air is bright as
Blood a moment stands a shadow a moment
Sounds a call

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