Desert Land de Narnia

Inner Sanctum Letra



'Inner Sanctum'

I've been fooling around away for a long time
Living my life with my own rules once again, oh no!
My storybook is full of colors
Memories of my dark past are coming back
Dark desires all over the place

Lock up the door
To my secret room
I'm caught in the middle
Feel I'm starting to slide
Open up my eyes
So I can see, so I can breath, yeah!
I'm not a hero
Just a simple man

I am stumbling and falling
I need someone to lean on
Someone to solve my problems now
Strange dreams are following me
Wake me up from this nightmare
I don't want more sleepless nights


Inner sanctum of my soul
Only you know my secret room
Inner sanctum of my soul
Only you can see my reality
I see commercials on the TV
Promise me a life in luxury
Take away all this stupid crap
I want a life of quality
I need some rest for my tired body & soul