Letra de la canción

O' mighty Lord of the Night
Master of beasts
Bringer of awe and derision
Thou whose spirit lieth upon every act of oppression
hatred and strife

Thou whose presence dweleth in every shadow
Thou who strengthen the power of every quietus
Thou who sway every plague and storm

Thou art the Emperor of Darkness
Thou art the king of howling wolves
Thou hath the power to force any light in wane
Sans mercy

Sans compassion nor will to answer whosoever asketh the why
Thy path is capricious but yet so wide
With no such thing as an impediment to strong
Every time thou consecrate me to another secret of Thine
I take another step towards Thy Pantheon

Forever wilt I bleed for Thee
Forever wilt I praise Thy dreaded name
Forever wilt I serve Thee
Thou shalt shalt forever prevail

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