Disco 'Likwidation' (1997) al que pertenece la canción 'Aa Meeting Intro'

Aa Meeting Intro

Tha Alkaholiks


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[swift] aiyyo man
[j-ro] ay, what time we get out this motherfuc***?
[swift] hey man, let me get a cigarette
[?] homey, yeah you was drunk
[swift] you don't hear me cat? hello? let me get a cigarette
[meeting organizer]
*tapping stick on podium*
Well hold up hold hold hold hold up peace hold up hold up
Quiet the f*** on up!
Hold on quiet up!
We got, we came here to day, to get the aa program started
*booing, catcalls*
Now i don't know, if y'all know that y'all don't know that
I'm posed to be here, but, we got a twelve step program
That's gon' get y'all on the right trails
[j-ro] the right what?
[man] the right trails
[j-ro] what time we get out this motherfuc*** man?
[man] man you get out as soon as you answer my questions
I got twelve questions, and we only on question number one
You got ta admit that you a drunk, and you all
Gotta say it in harmonism
[j-ro] harmoo say what? *laughter*
*tapping on podium*
[man] i need erybody, in here, to come together, in harmonism
And say i'm a alkaholik
A alkaholik, nigga you know what i'm sayin!
You the one with the drink in your back pocket and your front pocket
On three, i need everybody to say
I'ma alkaholik
One, two, trey niggaz!
"i'm an alkaholik"
Now y'all motherfuc*** can leave, get the f*** outta here!

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