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The Larks


Jerkl (Letra/Lyrics)

The jerkthe larksgirl,hey what's that you're doin'?girl, girl, what's that you're doin'?you've got to show me the steps to itsomehow i'm gonna learn how to do itdo the jerk,heydo the jerk,girl,come on and work,heydo the jerkgirl,how do you move your hips so fine?girl (come on time)work it out,right on timeeverybodys got the beat,hey look at medoin' the jerk,yeah,now watch me workgirl,now do the jerk, hey ,do the jerkgo on and soul,soul,soul,soulsoul everybody now,soul,soul,soulyou don't know how to do it?come on, gonna teach it to ya'i'm doin the jerk,yeahwatch me work, girl, nowdo the jerk, come on timedo the jerk,let me see you workdo the jerk, everbodydo the jerk,come on nowdo the jerk,with alittle bit of soul do the jerk, show em girldo the jerk,work,work,work,do the jerk,come on girldo the jerk,listen everybodydo the jerk,i like the way you workdo the jerk,with soul now,girldo the jerk,a-hey!

Datos de esta canción

JERKL es una canción de The Larks.