Streets: A Rock Opera - Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves Letra



Jesus Saves (Letra/Lyrics)

Jesus was a talker
Out of place New Yorker
Hung out on the boulevard
Sellin' nickel candies
Saving all his quarters
Bought himself a cheap guitar
Started playing' bars
The kids came in their cars
You'd hear them shouting at the stage

Jesus saves
Jesus saves

Jesus started changin'
Things got really strange
He saw his tee shirts everywhere
Started missing shows
The band came down to blows
But Jesus He no longer cared

Things got out of hand
And so he quit the band
But still the critics they would rave


Her him cut through the night
On your late night radio waves

So the dice were cast
Today became the past
And Jesus He just disappeared
Headed for New York
Or so his label thought
And there he gave away the years

Last seen drinking wine
Beneath a flashing sign
Promising salvation to strays


Her Him cut through the night
On your late night radio waves

Datos de esta canción

JESUS SAVES es una canción de Savatage del año 1991, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Streets: A Rock Opera.