Canción 'Neurotica' del disco 'Crush' interpretada por Bon Jovi

Neurotica Letra y Canción

Bon Jovi

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NEUROTICA es una canción de Bon Jovi que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Crush.



Looking like a train wreck
Sipping on her long neck
This ain't no model-actress
She's attitude and accent (alright)

Angel flying solo
Must have gone and sold your halo
She's accidental innocence
And white trash elegance (alright)

She's all mixed up
Lays in bed 'til 3
All messed up
She's eccentricity

Lay your love all over me
Come on, baby, go a little crazy on me
Every school boy's fantasy
Not your ordinary woman
But she's extraordinary to me

She got a daily new addiction
A walking contradiction
Chain smoking cigarettes
Talking to her silhouette (alright)

All mixed up
A little out of time
All messed up
But she don't really mind


Alright (no Jane or Gloria)
Alright (she's schizophrenia)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
And when I call her I got to call her
And when I call her I call her