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[nate dogg]
she said she wants to ride my joystick
she act like she wanna ride my joystick
[warren g]
i got it lock when it comes to females
y'all niggaz still buyin' cock at retail
it's a gift that keeps giving to all hos
like that lil country whore i fuc*** a day ago
we were in spokane but made it to diego
droppin' shit purposely lettin' her thong show
she didn't even know about a nigga mandingo
when she saw the joystick and wouldn't let go
she ain't playin' games, she want it right now
from the living room floor to the ouside patio
bent over gently, i was proud to embrace it
firmly grab it, rapidly get it crackin'
most women i know, love the joystick
and love playing with it when it goes the extra inch
i'm a pro, anything goes at the spot
if you know about it, then be about it
if not..
[chorus - nate dogg]
she said she wants to ride my joystick
she wants to ride, she wants to ride
she act like she wanna ride my joystick
she wants to ride, she wants to ride
[nate dogg]
she wanted me, every part
but all i really want is dinner
her company, at least at first
but now i wanna go up in her
while i'm hittin corners in my chevrolet
i ran into a honey from around the way
big nate dogg what can i say?
she asked for my number and some alize
i got game, so i spit some game
she lookin' at me all in my face
she must recognize mister gangsta nate
baby wants to give it to me
[warren g]
when mom's on rock i stay on top
lock up like pits in a box i can't stop
not cuz your beauty it's your booty that i'm attracted
want to get acquainted, most acquainted with your assets
roll with the best, yes my joystick
tasty in all kinds of ways, you'll see
i'm a pro, anything goes at the spot
if know about it, then be about it
cuz if not..
[nate dogg]
i bet she comin' home with me
she wants to come home and play with me
no fallin' in love with me
can't spend the whole week with me
no sittin' up front with me
for the whole damn world to see
she wants to show me she's a freak
she only wants to sleep with me
[chorus 2x]
[snoop dogg]
yeah baby you said you don't know nothing about video games
but you know a whole lotta about joysticks, huh?
it's like xbox and ea sports
it's in the game, you dig?
so if you shift it from first gear to third gear
just make sure you grab a hold of those two things up under
you know what i'm talking about?
yeah, bizzalls, real talk
it's one of them joysticks that you could just
you know, slip n' slide to
yeah you could ride to this
real talk
213 comin' at you once again
for the 2000 plus 4
you what up, this is big snoop dogg
if this call is about bullshit, borrowing money from me
or negativity, hang up right now and call 9-1-1
cuz i can't do nothing for you right now
but if it's a real call and a real conversation
leave your name and number at the bizeep
and i'll get back like that




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