Just When You’re Having Fun de Cock Robin

Just When You’re Having Fun

Cock Robin

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Only a fool's unwise
i don't know why i should be surprised
god knows what we've done
much better late than too soon
you know you never get much running room
and just when you're having fun
someone comes along
just when you're having fun
just as my life goes according to plan
and i thought i had love in the palm of my hand
because i have no tears
this whole thing must be your idea
don't make me confess
i know my limits well
so long ago they were shot to hell
just let me rest with you
that's all i want to do
just when you're having fun
just as my intentions have become worthwhile
and i've taken the steps to be walked down the aisle
just as i stand tall from out of my seat
and the ground has come up frimly under my feet
just when you're having fun.

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