When you say you will it really means you might. When you don't come through I shut up, it may start a fight. I feel like such a fool cause I believed in you. I compare the likes of you to the things I do. Then the bother builds, I go through it at times. You'd think I'd be used to it, but I don't have the mind to deal with your deceit or wallow at the feet of empty promises or it's royalty. I never asked you to change. I only needed you to be there for me. I just wanted you to stop taking advantage of me. Now, I'm not coming around anymore...\"HEY!\" You can call it \"fucked up\" if you want. Smile if you will, a mile, if you can. I don't care, I don't need to be the better man. I'm sorry if it's not the decent thing to do. Talk about it, maybe someday you'll see the truth. There's one thing that I know. Friends, they come and go. A lesson learned in life and I have you to owe. I'm growing everyday and fools get in the way. If I whistle loud will you come and play?
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Kid Dynamite

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