Kick Out The Jams del álbum 'Powertrip'

Kick Out The Jams LETRA

Monster Magnet

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'Kick Out The Jams' se estrenó en 1998. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Powertrip

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Kick out the jams motherfuckers!
Yeah! I, I, I, I, I'm gonna
I'm gonna kick 'em out! Yeah!
Well I feel pretty good
And I guess that I could get crazy now baby
Cause we all got in tune
And when the dressing room got hazy now baby

I know how you want it child
Hot, quick and tight
The girls can't stand it
When you're doin' it right
Let me up on the stand
And let me kick out the jam
Yes, kick out the jams
I want to kick 'em out!

Yes I'm starting to sweat
You know my shirt's all wet
What a feeling
In the sound that abounds
And resounds and rebounds off the ceiling

You gotta have it baby
You can't do without
When you get that feeling
You gotta sock 'em out
Put that mike in my hand
And let me kick out the jam
Yes! Kick out the jams
I want to kick 'em out

So you got to give it up
You know you can't get enough Miss Mackenzie
Cause it gets in your brain
It drives you insane
With the frenzy

The wigglin' guitars girl
The crash of the drums
Make you want to keep-a-rockin'
Till the morning comes

Let me be who i am
And let me kick out the jam
Yes, kick out the jams
I done kicked em out!

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