Mr. X-Loc

Mr.x-loc my name is mr. x-loc you shoulda know this because i be the motha fucka with that nine to ya dom ready to let that triga go boomb your fuc*** brains all over da room because im that pyscodic mother f*** you shouldn't have mess with.cuz ya see i be strght repesnt that norside xiv cause ya see im that tru norteo villan im that mother fuc*** scrapa killan if i catch ya slipin on my street i be creepin behind you with that machedy to ya throat any suden movement ill fuc*** slice your throat and watch ya bleed to deah and let that tru color show ori just might hav that tech nine loaed and ready to let ya have it cuz im the biggest baddest norteo villan on my block with tha mac 10 on the side of my hips ready let any scrapas have it if i catchem on my block cuz i don' f*** with ya scrapas i tell ya once and if ya don' lave ill strat to buck


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