Matchbox 20


Kody sat down on the avenue he tapped his feet to the humming of
The highway he watched the light shine down on the broken glass
And thought i don't got no reasons yet there it is and there it was
Was clear to all of us we kept this hat of broken dreams and we
Pulled them out when we needed them around (chorus) so please
Hand me the bottle i think i'm lonely now and please give me
Direction i think the hurt set in and i don't feel nothing
There's a squeak hinge down on the back gate it lets us know if he
Comes around i don't sleep that good anyway if you've never heard
The silence, it's a god awful sound (chorus) i don't feel nothing, no
Don't feel nothing there's nothing to feel good about here
Don't much get down to the avenue i could drive, but it takes so
Much to get there don't get off on all the broken glass, the cadillac
Scene, well i've seen a lot of good things die and i'm in an over
Emotional way (chorus)

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