Last Chance Before The Storm

Days In December

Letra de la canción

War answers our questions
in the memories of forgotten lies
life changes our faces
and the changing of hands by you're your side
I told the people i know
i'm pleased to of come back
looking back on my life, afraid to see this
(searching for my life it was all i wanted)
now i wonder who shared my dreams of falling apart tonight
(filter through your night, the fight has ended)
Looking back on my life, i've paid to see this
(searching for my life, it's all i wanted)
now i wonder who shared my dreams
(filter through your night. the highlight has ended)
as i say goodbye tonight
(forget forever)
turn and face me, what did you see.
(remembering never)
I opened up my eyes and shouted out
are you here?
Don't let the nightmares pull you down
and make us scream out loud
Last chance to change. last chance to stay
now were far from sight. right here tonight.


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