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Late In The Evening - Letra

Duke Pitchforks

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First thing i remember, i was lying in my bed
couldn't have been no more than one or two
and i remember there was a radio
coming from the room next door
and my mother laughed the way some ladies do (ladies do)
well it's late in the evening (late in the evening)
and the music's seeping through (oooh)
Next thing i remember, i am walking down the street
i'm feeling all right, i'm with my boys, i'm with my troops, yeah
(hey, hey, hey, hey, hey...)
down along the avenue some guys were shootin' pool
and i heard the song of acapella grooves
(ohhh daaa da, ohhh daaa da, daaa...)
singin' late in the evening
and all the girls out on the stoops, yeah
And i learned to play some mean guitar
i was underage in this funky bar
and i stepped outside and smoked myself a j
(insane in the membrane, insane in the brain)
and when i come back to the room
everybody just seemed to move
and i turned my amp up loud, and i began to play
(he began to play, yeah yeah)
and it was late in the evening, and i blew that room away
First thing i remember when you came into my life
i said i'm gonna get that girl no matter what i do
(no matter what you do)
well i guess i've been in love before
once or twice been on the floor
but i never loved no one the way that i love you
and it was late in the evening
and all the music seeping through