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("bad, let's start the fuc*** show, ah?")
[sen dog]
Freak to the funk that no-one else is bringing
sen dog with the funky bilenge
yeah that's the nombre, heard the homey
peace to mellow and frost, and the deporte
sen dog is not kid from the telano
i'm down, another fried hispano
one of the many of the latin deseyano [de-say-ahnyo]
and i got plenty for the jennies tryin to hound dog
but wait, they're clownin on me cause of my language
i have to tell em straight up, it's called spanglish
now who's on the fiend, gala gringo
tryin to get paid, from the funky bilingual
Chorus: b-real and sen dog
Latin lingo baby (funky bilingual) funky bilingual
yeah, funky bilingual!
latin lingo baby (funky bilingual) funky bilingual
it's the latin lingo!
[sen dog]
From the entro, when i come in, suckers fronted
they mida, another bilingual from bein a
banga, como ejemplo, check the tempo
ahh, it's that chingonla instrumental
ya no usted, como somos
yo no jovo, i gots the soul dose
and you can hear it, in las skonkas
tribal ceremony as the hill gets stronger
don't be such a leper what chupa la cabeza
hey homes, pass the cervaza
before i have to go and push up on your resa
hmm, she's fine, son que fresca
here homes have a hit of this yesca
deep yo enseno [en-senyo] the lingua la prento
now you know, that i am in the centro
where you live, si tu puedes
nowadays you ain't shit without your puentes
something like it's gangbang, vatos get it bang bang
could of hung out with them now you callin me a insane
senta la mi cado, senta mi conmigo
make way, for the the funky bilingual
Chorus: b-real and sen dog
Latin lingo baby (funky bilingual) funky bilingual
funky bilinguals hoe!
latin lingo baby (funky bilingual) funky bilingual
it's the latin lingo, baby!
latin lingo baby (funky bilingual) funky bilingual
funky bilingual...
some of that old latin funk, knowhati'msayin?
[sen dog]
(what's up homey? don't you know me?) si mon
(ain't you the brother of the mas pingo?) straight up
and i'm down with la raza
kid frost got my back, boo-yaa! in la casa
cause everyday things get a little crazier
as i step to the microphone area
first i claim my city, pudo los angeles [an-heles]
yeah (you know homes) that's where the calles is
vato wouldn't know me, along with the heinas
catchin all them slippin, for they such a one-timer
so when you see me at the party or the baile
before i got here i was gaffled in the calle
troop like a vacho who said i was baracho
had an attitude, tried to play me macho
just relax, calmado mijo
sen dog with the funky bilingual
Chorus: b-real and sen dog
Latin lingo baby, funky bilingual
funky bilingual
latin lingo baby, funky bilingual
funky bilingual
latin lingo baby, funky bilingual
funky bilingual... funky baby!
Yeah, i'd like to send peace, to my homeboy b-real
mellow man ace, kid frost, ralph m the mexican
and we're out


Latin Lingo




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