Unbelievable Truth

Advice To A Lover Letra

Unbelievable Truth


Advice To A Lover (Letra/Lyrics)

Advice to a lover
You don't have to suffer
Relax into your new life
Instinct is the enemy

Of all you have been taught
But now it's your only guide
And always remember to be fully in control
Let go for a moment

And the turbulence takes hold
But yes it's worth it, I think
Really it's worth it,
I don't know

Sometimes the feeling
Of utter contentment
Gets too much
But to worry about it

Is the ultimate luxury
Always remember that it pays to lose control
Relax for a moment
Let the turbulence take hold

So yes, it's worth it, I think
But then what do I know, not much
Just as little as anyone
Probably less than you

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ADVICE TO A LOVER es una canción de Unbelievable Truth.