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Like You



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Get down to the beat yo
And act like Kid Sysco
Listen to the pain
I deliver to your stereo
Keep on asking why
How you gonna fly?
All your crooked lie
They don't
They multiply
Try to realise
It's yo name
That I despise
So open up your eyes
You ain't got to analyze
First I curse on verse
I quench your thirst
You're a punk, b****
Put me in reverse

Get out of my face now
Before I put you in
Yo place, no trace
I got this case
I spell your evil ways
Try to testify
While you terrify
Asking myself
Why? Why? Why?
You can never die
Inside your mind
You are the truth
You are the
Root of all evil

Start diggin'
As you travel
I'm cryin' all night
I'm cryin' all night
Waitin' for the
Right time yeah
To choke you
So tight

It's really hard
To be like you
You keep on tellin' me
What to do
I spit these words
'Cause I blame you
It's really hard
To be like you

I feel the sickness
Stitches in my face
Some twenty inches
Replace your face
There's a mask
Inside your briefcase
I'm sufferin' inside
Then I want to hide
I'll try a little suicide
Yeah I can't survive
On the otherside
Of this world
And other planet
Your mouth is like a gun
I can be your
Moving target
So forget it
It's acrobatic
Life's so tragic
You'll be the drugs baby
I'll be the addict

I lost my life
But I ain't goin' down
Without a fight
All right, you put me
In the dark
Every single night
You're a disease
Just like another HIV
The only word
You know is the word
H, A, T, E
If there's an award-giving
Body for being a b****
You could've won
Every single one
Prepare your speech and
Teach each and everyone
How your mouth
Becomes a gun
Try to hide behind the sun

Repeat chorus

Keep me away from you
Don't want to be like you

Wipe my f***in' face

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