The Color Green

Linda Look My Way Letra

The Color Green


Linda Look My Way (Letra/Lyrics)

Undercover lovers in the shadows of their broken hearts
breathin´ fear, breathin´ fire, breathin´ in the dark
when out from the empty comes walkin´ a lonely girl
lookin´ for a real man to change her world
oh linda look my way
oh linda look my way
i said, oh won´t you look my way
i said, oh won´t you look my way
oh, linda look my way
You said you´d never look back
but i think you´re lookin´ back right now
what does a word mean if it don´t mean your vow?
well i don´t wanna talk too much
don´t wanna be a fool
oh f*** it i never did like them rules
And i´ll search while i touch you
and i´ll find your special place
and i´ll wait in the darkness for light to show my face, to show my face
I said oh linda look my way x 5

Datos de esta canción

LINDA LOOK MY WAY es una canción de The Color Green.