Evelyn Knight

Letra de la canción

A little bird told meevelyn knight a little bird told me that you love meand i believe that you dothis little bird told me i was fallin'fallin' for no one but youthere's no use denyingmight as well confessof all the boys i know, deari'm sure i love you bestthe little bird told me we'd be happyand i believe that it's truea little bird told me we'd be marriedand i believe that it's truethis little bird told me when we marrywe'll have a pretty cottagenot too farall fenced in like a movie starswe'll have a great dane pupwe'll call him acelying there by the fireplacea goldfish pond and a wishing welleverything is gonna turn out swella little bird told me we'd be happyand now i know that it's truecome june it's bound to be true


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