Good Clean Fun

Letra de la canción

You spend your days and nights online
Your website makes you proud
But if you had a single friend at all they would be lol
Well it seems I may have crossed the line
I've gone and made you pissed
Now you're going to take me off of your buddy list

If you can't get a date because you live with your mom
Then you'll feel right at home at Loserdotcom
If you don't have a life but you've got plenty of ROM
Then you'll feel right at home at Loserdotcom

You tell me that your sex life
It has not been bland
Since you learned how to click and type with just 1 hand
You're a keyboard Casanova
You're a Digital Don Juan
You're a chat room Romeo and you want to get it on

I guess you can't see what is wrong
You've got your modem and your mouse
And you think you've got it going on
You once had a life but it is gone
fuente: musica.com

Good Clean Fun
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